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Creating my new website and branding with Jeanne Fee photography

This is me. My dance, my dreams and future, about to be born into a new place, a new beginning and an exciting journey ahead.

Martina and I spent the day producing quality photography for my new site. It was important to me to communicate the power and scope of contemporary dance through the imagery on my website, but also show how it is different from other kinds of dance. Working with suspension, flow, fall and recovery, contemporary dance can also involve expression and connection, within the dancer as well as with an audience during a performance. It can be used in a variety of settings, from creative sessions for children to dance with older adults, and is deeply expressive as an art form.

As Martina and I worked together and as I saw the images unfold it became clear how skilled Martina is at capturing the essence of a person. She quickly gained an insightful understanding of my movement style and I feel she has portrayed this so well on my website. As well as being an extremely talented photographer, she is a joy to work alongside.

Have a look around the site, be inspired and come on the journey of dance with me... you might just discover yourself!

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