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Dance with Me - ARTWAVE


By CREATE DANCE PARKINSON'S in collaboration with Martina La Trobe Bateman

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Create Dance Parkinson’s presents “Dance with Me”, an interactive exhibition as part of Artwave, Lewes, 2024. Come join us on this interactive tour exploring the Sussex landscape, as local places are brought to life through dance and film. 

“Dance With Me” explores the meaning of “place”- particular locations filled with meaning and value - as opposed to “space” - areas that are simply traversed through. We take a moment to encounter places imbued with memory, association and belonging. 

Members from the Dance for Parkinson’s group in Lewes have each chosen local places that have meaning and significance for them: places where they might stop to breathe in the wonder for a moment, places that bring joy. “Dance with Me” takes the viewer on a journey to these places through film and choreography created by the group. The result is an interactive space where you can join in and engage with the movement, in front or behind of the film screen, mirroring the movement of the dancers or simply pause for a moment to watch, so also becoming engaged with their “place”.

The exhibition will run 10-12 September 2024 at Trinity Southover Church, Lewes.

For more information on the project and how you can support it see our JustGiving page

For more information about Dance for Parkinson's in Lewes see HERE

Supported with grant funding from Lewes Town Council



Rehearsals for
"Dance with Me"

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