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A day in the studio working on "Prodigal"

Back in May I had a wonderful day in Lewes working with Martina La-Trobe Bateman on her project “Prodigal”. Drawing from what Martina calls “a fictional act II” of the story of the “The Lost Son”, we set out to explore a sense of inner struggle, a desire for freedom or release from a place of containment or hopelessness. The story relates the son’s spiraling down, before a sudden moment of realisation and the journey back to life. We worked with exploring tension within the body as well as moments of clarity and awareness. Key to our work was the question of the connection between the dance and the camera; the complexities of capturing movement, expression, performance and story. Some of these images, alongside other works by Martina, are now displayed as part of the ArtWave Festival in Lewes this August.

Credit: Martina La Trobe-Bateman.

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