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Dance Classes in Sussex

Contemporary Dance Classes for Adults / Dance for Toddlers and Preschoolers / Dance for Parkinson's/ Inclusive Workshops


I am an experienced dance artist based in East Sussex, with a passion for working with people and unlocking their potential. My background is in contemporary dance and I specialise in teaching contemporary and creative dance classes for both children (see Story Moves) and adults. I am passionate about dance and its power to inspire creativity, enable self-expression and make you feel fully alive. In my artistic adventures I am often inspired by imagery, sound, poetry and words, and by the interface between dance and place.

I offer a range of classes for toddlers, children and adults. I have a wealth of experience in inclusive dance and facilitate workshops for those with and without physical and learning disabilities. I have specialist training in Dance for Parkinson’s. In all my classes I aim to create a warm, safe and inviting atmosphere where people can come and be themselves and find joy in dancing.

'Katharine's approach has been perfect! Enthusiastic, empathetic and light."    

                                                                                                - Dance class Participant

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Dance for Early Years
Creative Movement for 18 months - 5yrs
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Adult Contemporary and Creative
A chance to explore contemporary technique and unlock your creative potential.

Taster workshops
I offer a range of dance workshops in the local community. I can come to your school, college, community centre or care home and offer workshops to suit your specific needs. I also have extensive experience of working with children and adults with learning disabilities and offer creative movement workshops to local SEN schools and groups.

Dance for Parkinson's
 Dance classes for people with Parkinson's.

It’s a trampoline, washed cotton, rain and sky.

Flying. I can smell lavender fields.

Wings widening behind my embrace,

Merging out the door.

Grass and fresh daisies,

Baked bread, new home, just like kitten fur,

Roll and dive into it.

Like the sea beneath the sparkles.

Freshly unrealistic,

Bouncing into the air. Wings. Pillows.

Light white waking.

We dance, twist.

You and me.



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Contemporary dance

    Contemporary dance    

Contemporary dance is characterised by its diversity and freedom of expression.

My background and influence is release based contemporary dance, which explores connectedness and flow through the body, suspension, fall and recovery, the throw and release of weight, the use of breath and the expressiveness of our inner life. I was attracted to study this form of dance because of its versatility, its physicality and expressive and creative potential.


It’s not ballet, or tap or jazz or modern and yet it can take aspects from all these forms. It can be accessed on any level, by anybody from any walk of life. As well as its artistic quality, I believe in its innate therapeutic power and its benefits in terms of health*, confidence and self-expression.


In contemporary dance I am excited by the connection I feel with my deepest self, the sense of freedom and joy, and the feeling of truly living in the moment.


*See disclaimer.





Katharine le Roux

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